Thursday, 28 January 2016

catfight artwork : its not christmas but .....

ok ok i know its not christmas but when i discovered these it was just not right to not share them with you via a post . entitled christmas cats the artist has two females dressed solely in thongs posing and facing off and then fighting for the pleasure of a male it seems at christmas and ime sure most males would agree that this would be the ultimate christmas gift if there wife or partner did this for them. maybe to fight his female friend from work or a female who he knows at the gym. anyway this art has to be shown to the masses its too good not to be so enjoy and share . dont forget to support the bitchfight download store at  and follow us on twitter at  . a British company .

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

British catfighting : carmen vs isis

well heres the closing photos from this wild and high energy match between carmen and wild card isis. set in the fields of wales this catfight was a triumph and spectacle to watch as both ladies fought unconditionally to a finish . carmen eventually took a defeat at the hands of isis who straddled her and slapped her and ragged her hair until carmen had nothing left . the full set of photos for this catfight can be found at and the download of this catfight is in the store at . a British company .

Saturday, 23 January 2016

British catfighting : final photos of sahara vs jasmine uploaded

wow !! thats the only word i can use to describe the success of this catfight in oil and yes it was a catfight and a verbal explosion from both ladies as they both full on bitched at each other throughout the fight . thanks for all the comments about the way the ladies fought and the lingerie i know you particuarly liked saharas oil soaked underwear . anyway the final photos from this brutal brawl including the fatal facesit have been uploaded into the group so please go and pay a visit and theres a facility to download them free of charge so please do and use them . the fight along with over 200 others is in the bitchfight store at so please download and support (we couldnt do it without you) . a British company xx .

uk catfights : the final moments of danni vs becca

well what a British female scrap this was . blonde danni fought brunette becca in a long and hard fought drawn out catfight in skirts and blouses and these are the closing shots from that fight as both ladies have lost blouses and fight to a finish . becca won the fight after sometime but a battered and bruised danni gave as good as she got.and landed slap after slap on her rival but becca was not for giving in and foght topless for the rest of the fight and eventually domintaed her rival and made her submit . this epic British catfight can be found in the Bitchfight uk download store at . a British fight company .