Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Catfight : Holly v Seline

Holly v seline
holly came into this catfight on a loss to carmen in what was a great fight and seline had beaten rio in another awesome catfight so this was always going to be a great one . holly wanted a win and seline wanted to continue her run and had no intentions of going down without a fight . both ladies stripped top topless and both had fire in their eyes as they posed for pics and face offs. holly was up for this and went all out for the fight and seline was a hellcat as they fought in the bedroom . there was no love lost as they ragged each other about and gave each other a really good battering to leave their skin red raw . it was a hard fight with one lady having to admit defeat but what a woman to woman battle from two relatively new bitchfighters . with pics in /group/bitch_fight_uk_2 and the entire catfight to download at . the home of catfighting in the uk . p.s dontforget were on twitter @catfight britain xxx

Monday, 26 February 2018

Natalie vs faith

theres something about these photos from the catfight between Natalie and faith . it was a great woman to woman battle that saw both fighters into a fierce fight that only women do best and neither was taking prisoners . hope you like these and theres more of them in  and the fight in full to download at  .xx

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Catfight : Becca vs Axa .

axa vs becca...for the crown.ok this fight had to happen at one point after becca successfully taking the small girls title from kelly at the second attempt and axa swiftly fighting her way through all comers to finally have a crack at the small girls title.this was always going to be a hard and long catfight and you could see both ladies were geared up for a great scrap.after introductions and snide comments they circled each other and all hell let loose in what was to be a truly wild fight which niether girl wanted to lose. who came away with the small girls trophy . with photos at  and the fight in the world famous Bitchfight store at  . definately one for your collection. Bitchfight uk xx

Friday, 23 February 2018

catfight : faith v carmen

faith vs carmen . having been on previous shoots together but never fought there was always going to be that point when they would fight . there was no love lost between the two and whenever they met they hardly spoke so when the time came for them to fight it was going  to always  be an all out catscrap bitchfight. they went at it like two alleycats fighting over a male . words werent exchanged but the air was thick with hatred as they went ateach other  . check out the photos set in  and the fight to download in the mammoth download store for bitchfight at . a British

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Bitchfight selfies

to all the girls who take selfies and model the Bitchfight t shirt wed like to say a big thankyou. its great to have people wearing it around the globe from czech republic to america to the united kingdom and then to germany to name a few . thankyou . for anyone wishing to download fights from the store its at  . the Bitchfight team xx