Wednesday, 30 September 2015

sahara and layla the photos pre fight

ok guys layla is fighting here tomorrow against the new girl lottie and it is going to be a hell of a scrap  but layla is in demand her recently released fight against sahara is doing well which is no surprise considering both fighters are stunning and arent afraid to give a good beating to there rival . so ive uploaed the photos of both catfighters sahara and layla pre fight to there respective folders at so please go and take the time to view them and  all the other fighters who have graced the halls of . this fight between layla and sahara is in the bitchfight download store along with over 200 other great catfights the link to the store is and id like to take this oppurtunity to wish both layla and lottie the best of luck in there fight tomorrow and may the best woman win  xx

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

sorell vs cee a real bitch battle

british catfighting doesnt come more real than this and these two females really  know how to fight . blonde haired cee cee and her dark haired rival agreed to fight here at  sorell being the older female but with more fighting experience was seen as the female who would take the fight to sorell  but both ladies were even stevens from the start as hair was pulled and slaps were thrown. both ladies chose great lingerie for this fight with sorells nipples poking through her body stocking  while sorell opted for red and white basque and thong . enjoy all the photos at and the fight is with over 200 others in the bitchfight store at  . .

Sunday, 27 September 2015

sahara vs layla first big set of fight photos uploaded

ok ive uploaded this morning the first of 3 sets of photos from sahara vs layla . yes it been released into the bitchfight store sahara vs layla a real fem vs fem fight . layla in pink br and knickers and sahara fights in purple knickers and opts to go topless as these two females settle it with a catfight . both ladies were definately up for this fight and layla especially having previously over the years losing to sahara but that was some years ago and layla has matured a lot since then . both ladies went at it ferociuosly slapping freely until they both got a grip of each others hair as they tussled barefooted . ive uploaded some photos for this fight to and the fight is in the download store at . .

Saturday, 26 September 2015

uk catfight : emma vs jade

ok guys and gals a lazy post today as its saturday and ime still feeling under the weather so i thought id let you relive the fight between emma and jade . it was a great catfight and is still in the download store at and the photos are in enjoy guys xx