Friday, 30 August 2013

cee cee vs sorelle what a wild fight .

when these two met at bitch fight no one expected a fight so wild . sorelle was the older of the two and was keen to stamp her mark aon the younder cee cee but if she thought she was going to have it easy she was in for a sock as the blonde spiky haired wild cat gave as good as she got as they ripped into each other on the bitch fight mats . two totally wild bitches who fought like school girls . with photos in the bitch fight groups and the fight to download at   . p.s follow us on twitter @catfightbritain xx

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

portia vs mandy .... extra action shots uploaded

more photos from the second fight from the 3 girl round robin have now been uploaded to . this fight has proved a massive success for fight fans once again with people enjoying portias entrance into the catfight world . mandi has now had 2 catfights and allthough both losses she is giving as good as she gets and we fully expect her to take her next opponent apart.check out these action shots guys as more will be added again soon . the fight is still available to download at the store .  xx

Thursday, 22 August 2013


mandy had allready suffered a defeat coming into this catfight with portia and
wanted to make ammends but portia who had yet to have fight her was ready to
meet her rival . both ladies posed topless for photos before the fight and both
were confident going into this fight with mandi proclaiming she would win this
one . from the off it was clear that portia was having none of that and went at
her older rival with a feral like attitude as they pulled hair violently and
slapped hard and fast . which new fighter was going to claim the others scalp as
they fought . between the rounds portia was angry and went all out for the win
in this whirlwind catfight . did she get it ???. with photos at and the fight to download in the
store .

Monday, 19 August 2013

team event ... team capatains catfight .

when we filmd the team event the ultimate battle came at the end with captains ruby and chelsea taking to the ring . pride was at stake with both ladies fighting in front of their teams and it was wild . hairpulling and slapping ensued in a brutal and viscious battle that lasted ages . check out this catfight at .

Sunday, 18 August 2013

mandi vs sahara in the boxing gloves

hey guys and by now so many have seen the wild fight between newcomer mandi and the established feline sahara . this fight has been massive for bitch fight and the next one to be released will be portia vs mandi . two new fighters who both want a piece of each other . anyway before that ive uploaded photos of sahara and mandi posing in the boxing gloves and if theyd have come to blows ime sure it would have been allout. the photos are in  and all the fights are available to download at . p.s if your on twitter add us  @catfightbritain .xx

Thursday, 15 August 2013


more photos of this incredible topless catfight have been uploaded to and they are awesome to say the least . both ladies fought like wildcats and this reflects in the photos that have been uploaded so far and still more to put up before the next release . if you havent downloaded this catfight do so now .  xx

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

new photos of catfighter .... kelly

ok this blonde catfighter is stunning and is a dream to watch when she fights . its kelly guys and this set of photos are the latest ones of her . hope you enjoy theres boxing ones of her in  and theres also posing ones in  . all kellys catfights are in the download store at  .p.s  check out the new catfight in the download store  MANDI VS SAHARA   xx

Sunday, 11 August 2013


ok before we go any further id like to apologise for the slight shake of the camera on the opening of this fight whether it was excitement or just dehydration due to the sweltering heat in the studio anyway here we go. at last a release from bitch fight and what a start 3 girls attende for a round robin catfight event with each girl fighting the other in turn this is the first match . a new fighter to the fold mandi attended with her husband who was keen to see his partner fight another woman and she was keen to fight in front of him takes on the wild and established catfighter sahara . as  both ladies posed for photos the anticipation was building (especially for me) and you could see both ladies wanted to kick off this event with a win . from the word fight !!! it was on and the wildskat that is sahara went for her rival with determination but cougar mandi was in no mood to lose in front of her partner. as they went for it as this 3 round fight with the final round going to a submission lady was clearly getting the upperhand as both bodies took a pounding and the hair was given a good ragging . eventually one lady had to give she could take no more exhausted and beaten she gave in this great woman to woman confrontation .  with the photos starting to go up in  and photos on the bitch fight forum and the fight itself available in the bitch fight download store . p.s check us out on twitter @catfightbritain .

Saturday, 10 August 2013


yes the time has come for a release and tomorrow sees the first one mandi vs sahara new fighter mandi takes on sahara in a topless catfight so check the  store for the download tomorrow  and photos to accompany the fight  in ....SEE YOU TOMORROW

Friday, 9 August 2013

holly vs seline

Holly v seline
holly came into this catfight on a loss to carmen in what was a great fight and seline had beaten rio in another awesome catfight so this was always going to be a great one . holly wanted a win and seline wanted to continue her run and had no intentions of going down without a fight . both ladies stripped top topless and both had fire in their eyes as they posed for pics and face offs. holly was up for this and went all out for the fight and seline was a hellcat as they fought in the bedroom . there was no love lost as they ragged each other about and gave each other a really good battering to leave their skin red raw . it was a hard fight with one lady having to admit defeat but what a woman to woman battle from two relatively new bitchfighters . with pics in /group/bitch_fight_uk_2 and the entire catfight to download at . the home of catfighting in the uk . p.s dontforget were on twitter @catfight britain xxx