Monday, 29 July 2019

Becca vs Vivian

another personal favourite of ours is the becca vs vivian catfight which took place on the mats at . vivian is a strong dark beauty and becca a blonde firecracker with bags of energy . both ladies went hell for leather ina totally bitchy catspat  in lingerie . check out this fight and over 180 others in the bitch fight download store at   and the photos  at .  . thanks xx

Saturday, 27 July 2019

fighter sahara flys the flag .

this catfight queen is proud of her country and with a new prime minister we thought it would be apt to post these  photos of this wild scrapper sahara .with a massive amount of victories under her belt sahara is one uk Bitch not to be messed with . check out her fights in the Bitchfight uk store at .  xx

Friday, 26 July 2019

Carmen vs kelly . catfight in pictures .

ok guys the weekend is here once again and whats better than kelly v carmen .check this catfight out in the bitch fight download store guys .

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Hannah defeated .

no one looked more flat at the end of a catfight than hannah did when she fought axa in a private catfight for a client . the younfg fighter arrived  bubbly and confident that she would take axa apart in a hairpulling and slapping catfight but as she began to tire axa gave hannah a good beating and she was clearly dissapointed that shed lost as these photos show . you can find the photoset in  and the fight is in the download store at  .

Monday, 22 July 2019

Kelly . what a fighter

hi guys the blonde bombshell that is kelly over the years has lit up  so keep a look out for this girls  fights shes turned into one mean bitch . kelly has fought here a number of times and has claimed some victims such as carmen in the topless oil fight in the field etc and we will be having more of these . check the fights out in the download store  xx

Sunday, 21 July 2019

catfight !!! portia vs mandy .

filmed at pathway studios a catfight  with two newcomers to the catfight scene at the time  portia and mandy . portia a stunning blonde in pink panties and topless with a stare that could scare most rivals but not this rival . mandy a redhead in paisley pants and topless who wants to show shes capable of fighting against most females her side and holding her own . topless was probably the best way to fight for these two as it clearly showed the marks they gave each other in a viscious nipple erect catfight . youll find the album for this catfight at  and the fight in the download store with many other great fights at . thanks the Bitchfight team xx

Friday, 19 July 2019

Hairpulling control in a catfight .

the hairpulling aspect of a catfight is one of a great turn on to many males a fetish in itself  to people . it seems that women go staright for the hair when a fight breaks out this and slaps and punches are the main ingredient of a female brawl. females see hairpulling as a way to control there rival like to reindeer locking horns maybe they tussle for an advantage when a fight breaks out waiting for that chance to lash out with a heavy slap as demonstrated in the fight between natalie and carmen that split second a female gets to let loose with a wild slap to her rivals body. a constant ingredient of a female fight and one that should be admire as a tactic . the fight photos are from natalie vs carmen and its in the store at a great match .xx

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Electra vs Sam the photos .

hi guys and I hope your all gearing up for the  weekend . just a quick one
to let you know ive put an album up with sam and electra in from their fight .
the album is individual pics and I hope you like it . this fight was
exceptional from a catfight fans point of view it had everything from tough
ladies in top lingerie to wild hairpulling and slapping and that's why it is one
of my favourites . check out the album at and the fight is on the
new bf combo 8 download at /. id like to wish
you all a great week . . xx