Wednesday, 31 July 2013

blonnde vs brunette

 blonde vs brunette  that was the ocase when kelly and riley  met to  fight at and everything about these two different hair types being rivals was true . both ladies looked hot to trot as they dressed for their catfight and you could tell that the fight would be a corker . ive put the photos of both ladies in the girls of bitch fight group .  and the fight is on bf combo 11 guys . . also dont forget to follow us on twitter @catfightbritain  xx

Sunday, 28 July 2013

the last of the ali vs dawn photos have been uploaded

ok guys ive uploaded the last set of photos from the ali vs dawn catfight which features on the newly released bf combo 11. both ladies were stunning and they fought hard to see which one would be the better catfighter.both ladies ended up topless in this viscious catfight .  dont forget were on twitter @catfightbritain  xx

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

final photos from kelly vs riley (bfcombo 11) uploaded

ok guys ive just uploaded the final photos from the set of kelly vs riley to and what a great set . hope youve enjoyed the fight as it was amazing a typical blonde vs brunette battle in great lingerie . thanks to everyone whos supported and downloaded bf combo 11 and for thos who havent yet its in the store .  by the way dont forget were on twitter @catfightbritain .

Sunday, 21 July 2013

dawn vs emma the unseen photos

hi guys  ive uploaded to a set of photos that i dont think have been uploaded before . they are the pre fight ones between emma and dawn in blue baby dolls . the fight was a very short one as one lady had to stop due to injury and the clip was that short it never got used anyway enjoy the photos .  . please follow us on twitter as well  @catfightbritain  xx

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

dawn vs ali photos from bf 11 .....uploaded

hi guys  hope you are all enjoying the latest combo release bf 11. both fights are great on this one and both dawn and ali and kelly and riley  go at it . ive just uploaded some of the dawn vs ali photos to the bf11 folder at  and both ladies luck stunning in their lingerie . theres still plenty riley vs kelly photos to upload as well and i will put them up in the coming week .  both fights are available on one download for the price of $12.99  in the store at  xx

Sunday, 14 July 2013

more photos from bf combo 11 (photos from kelly vs riley )

ok guys first of all a big thankyou to everyone whos downloaded this latest combo . even i didnt think it would do so well even though both fights are out of this world and  both sets of catfighters are stunning . i will get the ali vs dawn photos up this week and also add more kelly vs riley ones  into the  bcombo 11 folder at  . both fights are awesome and show how much the girls want  fight . . once again thanks again  and the download is in the store at   . p.s dont forget to follow us on twitter  @catfightbritain  xx

Thursday, 11 July 2013

bf combo 11 released : ali vs dawn / kelly vs riley (photos from kelly vs riley )

riley v Kelly
ok guys catfighters dont come more stunning than this. kelly is one mean bitch and when brunette riley comes to challenge here at bitch fight uk you know its a classic blonde v brunette scrap. both girls faced up to each other on the mats after the interoductions and the fight was on riley taking the inniative going for kelly and gaining ground as she had her by the hair and slapped away at her body incased in her pink lingerie. both girls had hate in their eyes as they fought on the mats in what looked like it was going to be a fight that kelly was going to lose as riley ragged her round as they fought on the floor. the mats were not enough room for them as they moved about slapping away and pulling wildly on each others hair. who won this fight between blonde and brunette ???? a classic catfight with two young and beautiful catfighters.

ali v dawn
ali(size10 5ft3 age:19 vs dawn size10 5ft6 age:21)ok two new comers to bitch fight uk and what a pair of young raw fighters.ali in her leapord print knickers and dawn in virginal white.dawn had a slight hieght advantage over ali but you wouldnt have thought it .this fiery little fighter gave as good as she got when these two slugged it out on the mats . they went for each other visciously with ali slapping away like there was no tomorrow and dawn giving back what she had as they fought on the mats. two great young catfighters in one hell of a fight which girl won . youll have to find out in what was a short fight ending in both girls topless and exhausted. the photos from bf combo 11 can be found in  and the two fight download is in the store at . dont forget were on twitter also @catfightbritain   xx

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

catfighter faith relaxes after her fight !!!!

came across these photos of faith on one of my discs . there the photos that were taken after her epic scrap with carmen which was fuelled with rivalry and bitch fight hate . anyway hope you like them and dont forget the download store   and were also on twitter  @catfightbritain . .

Friday, 5 July 2013

interacial catfight ........ becca vs vivian

another personal favourite of mine is the becca vs vivian catfight which took place on the mats at . vivian is a strong dark beauty and becca a blonde firecracker with bags of energy . both ladies went hell for leather ina totally bitchy catspat  in lingerie . check ou this fight and over 180 others in the bitch fight download store at   and the photos  at . also follow us on twitter @catfightbritain  . thanks xx