Wednesday, 31 October 2012

catfighting uk :carmen latest photos of a catfighter

this fighter just never seems to give and is always back for more and here she
is . the fighter that is carmen . this lady has notched up a large number of
fights since coming back to bitch fight and was got better as shes gone along .
her toned body and verbal make her a delight to see fight and she genuinely
enjoys it . she now has wrestling skills and trains at boxercise so she is
increasing her arsenal of firepower . certainly not just a pretty face . check
out her latest pics in her private album at and carmens catfights are
in the bitch fight download store at .

Friday, 26 October 2012

fiesty and tough ....lexi

young fresh fiesty all these words describe lexi. when this lady came to fight she gave it her all against skye and against emma  and allthough she never won she went for it and didnt give in . shes was a guys dream when fighting she would bad mouth her opponent and taunt them . check out her pics and the catfight  pics at  and the fight to download in the store at  .

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

catfighter : skye

here she is the blonde wildcat that is skye . this stunning catfighter isnt shy and was verbal when she took on lexi in their catfight and she gave it her good and proper . check out skyes fight with lexi on the new bitch fight combo download at   and the full set of pics in  .

Sunday, 21 October 2012

photos from bf combo 2 :skye vs lexi emma vs lexi

some photos from the latest bitch fight combo pack 2 :these pics are from the skye vs lexi catfight and what a scrap it was as lexi fought hard against blonde bitch skye . check out this fight on the bitchfight download store at  .  xx

Saturday, 20 October 2012

bf combo 2: lexi vs emma lexi vs skye

Skye v Lexi

this is a catfight between skye and lexi there stats are skye is 5.5 dress size
8 lexi 5.4 size 10 this catfight sees skye totally dominate the topless lexi and
verbally abused her from the onset very hard slaps and very nasty hairpulling
skye is not one to be messed with  and treats lexi like a ragdoll . as lexi soon
realised the slap marks show heavily on skyes fair skin but the lack of hair
left on lexis head shows whos better in a fight . a wild catfight with verbal
bitching and dmoination by one lady who gives as good as she gets .

Emma v Lexy

emma(5ft5 125lbs size 10 blonde hair) vs lexi( 5ft2 106lbs size8 brown hair).ok
you could feel the tension in the room as they took the turn to introduce
themselves and you could see it was gonna go off as soon as lexi called emma a
slapper in the pre fight interview.they went at it from the word go and laid
into each other with emma taking the fight to lexi grabbing her by the hair and
pulling her down to the mattress and slappign her relentlessly. lexi didnt want
to give in and gave it her back as best she could . you could tell that this was
going to be a great catfight.lexi taunts emma and the verbal was amazng a hard
fight .  a great oppurtunity to own both these fights of lexis on one download .
the pics will be up shortly in
and this fight to download in the bitchfight download store at  .

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

catfight uk : ruby vs jade some pics

the hairpulling in this one was second to none as both ladies laid into each other for the prize check out this catfight in the bitch fight uk download store at  .

Sunday, 14 October 2012

early bitch fight pics . the land rover shoot

how about these i found courtesy of rowlands photography. natalie , kerry and some of the other girls posed in front of dirkusues landrover before we filmed some fights down the fields . enjoy the pics  and youll find more at and as always the fights to download at  xxx