Thursday, 29 May 2014

danni and layla pose in the red on black t shirt

the bitch fight t shirt red on black has been a massive hit :) and everyone wants to get one on . before Danni and layla fought they modelled the popular red on black top and with amazing results . to view these shots guys visit Yahoo Groups  and  their epic  catfight that took place is in the download store along with over 200 other catfights . Bitchfight UK  . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

catfighter ...layla

layla one sexy brunette and a lady who loves a fight . she was the perfect match for Danni in her return fight and it was a match up that was candy to the eye . shes in great shape and maybe not the most viscious fighter but she puts the effort in and has the determination to win any catfight  and Is as sexy as they come .check out her personal photos at and the first catfight between Danni and layla at  . find us on twitter @catfightbritain .

Saturday, 24 May 2014

becca vs kelly. field fight

yhis catfight needs no introduction . two ladies in seductive lingerie fighting in a field yes its becca vs Kelly . this was one hell of a scrap that captured the catfight worlds breath and imagination when it first happened . both ladies had a rivalry and both went for it in the fresh air of the countryside . one hell of a bitchfight . the photos are still in  and the fight is one of over 200 in the download store .  check it out guys . . check us out on twitter @catfightbritain .

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

second set of danni vs layla uploaded

wow!!!! is all I can say to the response of the Danni vs layla fight . thanks to everyone who has purchased this awesome catfight so far . Danni in her returning match has captured so many catfight fans imaginations and the prospect of her going against stunning brunette fighter layla has clearly been a driving factor. Danni has developed a confident bitchy side and goes at layla hard and thers no stopping either in this match . ive uploaded a second set of the photos to  Yahoo Groups  and the catfight itself is in the bitchfight download store at Bitchfight UK .follow us on twitter guys @catfightbritain .

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

battle of the blondes ..... history revisited


well heres one match up that took place some years back here at bitchfight uk. Danni vs Kelly a true battle of the blondes . the photos you see now are how both girls look today but going back some 5 years ago both ladies were fresh and fairly new on the catfight scene when they met . on the day Kelly beat Danni in a fair catfight but would the outcome be much different today ??? maybe we will get to sind out sometime in the future . Danni and Kelly original catfight can be found in the bitchfight uk download store with over 200 other fights . check them out at  follow us on twitter @catfightbritain  .

Saturday, 17 May 2014

danni ..... the return

well what a comeback fight for blonde stunner Danni . this lady has changed so much and definitely for the better . shes lean and mean and has a desire to fight . this catfighter looks stunning in her leopard print outfit and every bit the part of a catfighter . she went at lyla full throttle and has the taste  for more fights . ive uploaded her photos into her folder at you wont be disappointed . the Danni vs layla fight is in the download store and has been a massive success one of our fastest selling downloads  check it out at Bitchfight UK  . follow us on twitter @catfightbritain  .

Thursday, 15 May 2014


 I for one never expected to see Danni back at bitchfight uk so when she got in touch we jumped at the chance straight away . this blonde bombshell always gave her all in a catfight and the chance to see her in action again was too ggod to miss . when she arrived on the day to fight layla she was a totally  different package the Danni of a few years back . matured and trim with a mean streak . both ladies posed pre fight and the excitement built as they introduced themselves to each other Danni the returning older head of catfighting and layla the dark haired newer face of bitchfight uk. both ladies fought 3 solid rounds hairpulling and slapping and then a fourth round to a submission and neither catfighter wanted to lose . a great return for a bitchfighter and a solid fight from her rival . with photos being uploaded to  and the fight to download in all its glory at  .

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

coming tomorrow ..... danni vs layla

ok just a quick post tonight . Thursday see this awesome bitchfight release the return of blonde catfighter Danni as she takes on brunette layla . it will be in the bitchfight download store tomorrow at around 4pm uk time .  .