Friday, 22 March 2013

bf combo 8 released electra vs sam / echo vs jamie lee

Echo v Jamie Lee

echo vs jamie lee. ok guys this is a fight to view and behold as a great
catfight. jamie lee has had a few catfights under her belt for bitch fight now
and is a growing star but along comes echo a dark haired beauty with cat like
eyes who is more than happy to give jamie a fight and put blondes and dark
haired ladies together and your in for a fight fest. no love lost between these
two and niether girl spoke to the other before they squared up . introductions
done this fight went full throttle with two twenty something girls ripping
chunks out of each other to see who was going to walk out the victor in a heart
thumping catfight agreat lingerie scrap for people who like to see a blonde v
brunette fight .

Electra v Sam

ELECTRA vs SAM:electra returns to bitch fight uk after sometime out to take on
new catfighter sam and before they even changed for the fight you could see
tension mounting with both ladies staring at each other among the other ladies
waiting to fight on that day. both girls looked pretty even in size and had
allready figured they were going to be matched up .they changed and entered the
bedroom and staraight away this was going to be a massive catfight with very
little words said before the interviews they went for it full on with a
nastiness and hate in their eyes as they pulled hair and slapped their way
through a 12 minute match.what a fight and one filled with pure determination to
beat the other bitch. two amazing catfights on one download now in the bitch
fight download store at and the photos at

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