Thursday, 13 July 2017

Return of sassy sienna

when you get that message that a a fighter wants to return to fighting it can be a dream but not as big as this dream. accompanied with some home taken photos we got an inbox from sienna stating her intention to make a comeback to the catfight scene and in style soon this petite brunettes body could be clashing with the queen sahara in an attempt to take her title away from her yes shes openly challenged sahara to a fight to see who the better woman is naturallywe want this and hope to get both ladies together and set it up. will sienna beat her rival and take her place at the top of the table ?? ime sure were in for a lingerie clad scrap to find out . these photos sent are going up in siennas folder at girlsofbitchfightuk and her current fights are in the Bitchfight store at stay tuned for developments xx

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