Wednesday, 2 August 2017

uk cosplayer abbie smith in the Bitchfight t shirt

The Bitchfight t shirt is starting to be worn ,modelled and selfied by so many girls these days and more so by females from the worlds cosplay community. today we are proud to have a homegrown cosplayer abbie smith . this fiery petitis blonde has a number of cosplays and for these shots shes taken on her  harley quinn which we couldnt be more happy about. Abbie is a costume designer and has been designing clothes and doing fashion shows since she was 11 which is an achievement in itself and by the age of 13 was designing cosplay outfits. she loves the way cosplay takes a person into the character there portraying and the powerful feeling and confidence that comes with it . we love having her represent us and doing the Bitchfight t shirt justice and would like to thank her . she has a wicked instagram page so go and give her a follow at . and her photos will go up in her own folder at and thanks in advance to all the fans and followers who download our fights from the store at  xx

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