Monday, 3 April 2017

Crystal marie or Bat girl ?? . Bitchfight uk

take a double take guys . we love it here at Bitchfight uk when people from all over the globe send us selfies and photos taken in the Bitchfight t shirt and our woman in hollywood florida is doing us proud . we had to take another look when crystal marie sent us these shots shes taken of herself is it Batman or is it the Joker does it matter shes rocking it for us and thats what counts. this 33 year old ex forces beauty is all for helping and being part of the Bitchfight team and shes exactly what we want at 4ft 11 she packs a punch and is a firm c. has a great love of corsets from her burleque days and isnt shy dressing up and showing out listing her favourite lingerie colours as Black,purple and red. expect to see more of this proud mummy to be about and around Bitchfight uk were proud to have her 😍😍. we will be opening an album for her at the Bitchfight girls group at . thanks for all your support for the store and i hope your enjoying the new release CHERRY VS DRUCILLA !. . xx

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