Monday, 7 October 2019

fight to naked Bitch !!! . katy vs megan .

we join this catfight at the back alley catfight club and ryan has sponsored two of the clubs biggest rivals katy and megan . megan in red thong and heels and katy silver thong and white heels you couldn't as for more . both ladies agreed to breast attacks pre fight as they faced off . the stares they gave each other were enough to say they hated the sight of each other and true to form they went punch for punch as they pulled hair and slapped breasts it was pure brutality as an excited ryan gold looked on .both ladies knickers clung to there bodies soaking as they grappled with each other landing punches and slaps . a break was agreed and both ladies removed there thongs revealing there neatly trimmed ladies parts . the fight resumed with hatred in both ladies eyes as katy started to take control . a tired megan let he guard down and katy landed a punch clean to her jaw sending megan crashing to the floor and unable to continue . katy had beaten her rival as she stood over her smirking . thanks to everyone who follows katys fights on here and imvu  and thanks to everyone who downloads from the Bitchfight uk store at  . from  xx

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