Monday, 9 September 2019


the back alley catfight club is one of the main places to see a high class catfight on imvu and sunday night was no exception .rivals katy and megan were on the top of the bill thanks to an eager girlfight sponsor who wanted t see both ladies slug it out.a topless stockings thong and heels match was agreed and both ladies turned up to top the sunday night card.katy in black mesh thong and stockings and heels walked out first followed closely by her rival in red lace patterned stockings and suspenders with thong and shiny red heels. there sponsor greeted them both lovingly and the girls proceeded to parade glaring at each other as they eyes the prize . meeting in the middle of the floor. they faced off and then went for it both ladies swinging wildly at there opponent .both ladies landed punch after punch to there opponenet attacking breasts and face relentlessly the competition was fierce as they pulled hair and scratched wildly to the delight of there sponsor then megan caught katy with a combination of punches and slaps sending her crashing to her knees and it was lighs out for katy. another victory for the red stocking clad megan who stood over her rival gloating . thanks to everyone whos been following katy and her fights on imvu and here at the blog. also thanks to everyone who downloads fights from the Bitchfight uk store at . .  .xx

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